About Our Company

Jacksonville is a charming, ocean side city that attracts visitors from near and far with its endless opportunities when it comes to fun. Whether you're visiting the amazing night clubs with your friends, or just looking to get a personalized tour of the city, you can trust us to provide you with a luxury fleet of vehicles for your next night in Jacksonville. With so much to do and see, you'll lose track of time while you're visiting!

Jacksonville Party Bus is here to offer professional transportation services in luxury vehicles, with a smile. We're qualified to handle all kinds of events, no matter what! If you're just looking to be guided around the city, or you have an itinerary that needs following, we've got you've covered with expert transportation. Whether you're just calling around for a price quote, or it's the final drop off, you'll find we offer amazing customer service from start to finish.

Why should you waste time trying to gather your group together in one place while all traveling in separate vehicles? There's the endless calling each other on your cell phones to figure out where everyone is. Maybe so-and-so is late. Maybe that one got stuck in traffic. Maybe someone got lost. At the end of the day, you've spent more time waiting, texting, and calling than you have spent together! In this hectic, fast-paced world, what we want on our day off with friends is to actually spend that time. To be face-to-face, catching up on our lives, and getting a break from the grind. You can do all that while you travel with us. You double your fun time by choosing our buses!

In addition, if you're the type who just hates battling traffic, or even worse, getting stuck in full-on traffic jams, then our services will bring you even more joy. You won't even mind the worst traffic jam on the planet if you're in one of our vehicles! You'll be too busy enjoying the fun conversation, dancing to your favorite songs on our stereo system, or watching something entertaining on our HDTVs. If you're the type who likes to play bartender, you can mix drinks at our built-in bar and entertain your friends that way. It really is such a blast when you get together with all your best friends and hit the road with us.

Of course, it is also a major perk to be traveling with a professional chauffeur at the helm. This is what enables us to allow you to drink on board, and it's what enables you to fully relax, knowing that you don't have to concern yourself with directions or even with what's going on on the road. You can just shout out a destination to your chauffeur and he or she will take you there! No Googling the address on your smartphone. No trying to figure out how to get there. Your chauffeur takes care of it all.

Our chauffeurs are professionally trained and drug tested on a regular basis. They are kind and professional, truly the kind of person that you would want to be at the wheel. We hire only the most ideal candidates who really demonstrate their proficiency on the road. They have training and experience, that power combination that adds up to a truly worthwhile employee for us and a perfect driver for you. They will drop you off and pick you back up right at the door of all your destinations, making you feel like a celebrity in your own hometown! This is glamour and luxury at is finest, and it's all yours when you travel with us!

Are you ready to book a vehicle now, or you're looking for an affordable price quote? Give us a call or email us today, we're eager to hear from you! Reach out in whichever manner is most convenient for you, and we'll get right back to you with that price quote and whatever info you may need.

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Downtown Jacksonville
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus

    For an economical party bus option, look no further than this amazing party bus. Although it's our smallest party bus option, you'll find it has all the added amenities of our largest party bus.

  • 18 Passenger H2 Hummer

    This rugged H2 Hummer is a crowd pleaser, and we believe it's pretty obvious why! You'll turn heads wherever you may go in this vehicle, and you won't break the bank doing it.

  • 28-30 Passenger Black Party Bus

    This party bus is ready to take on any event, no matter what! You'll be glad you booked this party bus as soon as it rolls up to your destination.

  • 28-30 Passenger Party Bus

    Your guests will love this feature filled party bus! The newly updated interior gives it a contemporary feel, and the amenities inside are what keeps our customers coming back for more.

A Bit About our Pricing

  • Paying for a party bus or limousine seems like a painful experience, but it really isn't when you keep some things in mind! Our customers are essentially our business, and we make sure you feel appreciated from start to finish. Without you, it's impossible for us to survive as a business! Keeping this in mind, the price you pay is only necessary to keep the vehicles in great condition and our services reliable. The quality of our services and the affordable pricing makes us the best choice every time, which is why we have such a large returning customer base.


  • Weddings

    You're in good hands when you choose Jacksonville Party Bus for your wedding, because we're experts when it comes to the wedding field. From pick up to drop off, we know how weddings should go, and that's exactly what you need on your big day!

    Sporting Events/Concerts

    Whether you're kicking back at the stadium to watch some action, or you're en route to a kickin' music festival, let us make the entire experience easier. When you book with us, you'll immediately eliminate the worries that make these events a hassle.

    Night out on the Town

    What better way to enjoy Jacksonville's amazing night-life scene than in a beautiful party bus or limousine? Forget about designated drivers!